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Multiplay specialise in the manufacture of trampoline park equipment. Not only can we offer prices that are significantly lower than most of our competitors but we manufacture with strict adherence to the most stringent European/U.S. quality & safety standards and specifications.

This combination of great prices and high quality substantially lowers the cost of opening a trampoline park as well as the long term maintainance of the facility.

Multiplay also offer a whole range of ancillary products and services which can take the headache out of the process of setting up a trampoline park business. This can be particularly valuable if you're planning a mixed facility, where dealing with multiple suppliers creates its own set of challenges. We'll manage the whole project for you, so you can concentrate on the aspects of the business that best suit your talents. We can integrate the design, construction and installation of the trampoline park equipment, along with ninja warrior training courses, climbing walls, bowling alleys, skating rinks or any other attraction that you'll find in a modern leisure facility.

All things considered, we think you'll find that Multiplay creates some of the best trampoline parks in the world. Whatever your budget or target audience - teenager/adult or children's trampoline park - we'll design, build, install and maintain your facility. If you're interested in owning or operating trampoline parks in the UK, see here for our unique 360° service.

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Things to consider when purchasing your equipment and choosing a supplier:

  •   Reliability and trustworthiness
  •   Cost to set up trampoline park
  •   Attractiveness of design
  •   Good safety standards
  •   Quality of materials
  •   Ability of trampoline systems to adapt to current trends and new products
  •   Manufacturing lead time

The Industry - The trampoline park industry has taken the world by storm. Currently one of the fastest growing leisure industry facilities with a growth rate in the USA of 92% between 2011-2015. The UK's first trampoline park opened its doors in 2014 and by the end of 2016 there were over 110 operating premises with more under construction or being planned. The trend will see parks spreading into Europe and the industry expects to see the same type of growth experienced in the USA, Australia and UK.

Most trampoline park operators now own more than 1 facility, so why are so many operators opening more parks?

It comes down to return on investment (ROI)! In most cases cash break even can be achieved in month 1 or 2 with the funding of the business repaid within 12-18 months!

The Health and Fitness industry is worth an estimated £7.7bn driven by year on year increases in market penetrations. Governments are promoting healthy living along with schools and employers want to support a healthy workforce. There's no better time than now to open a trampoline park.


Trusted Supplier - offices in USA, Spain and U.K. and with distributors across 5 continents - Multiplay is recognised globally as a reliable leading FEC and Trampoline Park manufacturer and supplier. Don't take a risk when purchasing equipment for your facility. You're able to visit our factory at any point to ensure your system is being manufactured and we are always available to meet in person to discuss any possible concerns.

Price - Multiplay are typically cheaper by between 10-40% against other European and USA manufacturers without compromising on quality or service. This is due to economies of scale and less expensive production costs in Spain at our Alicante factory. Trampoline Park equipment is generally the single biggest cost in the opening of a centre. Even a 10% saving represents a large amount of capital saved.

Modular Design - unlike many other suppliers who use permanent structures by drilling into the floor, our trampolines are an interchangeable, frame based modular design. This means new components to the market can be added in at any time keeping your facility up to date with current trends. You can keep your trampoline park looking fresh by rearranging your current layout from time to time to give a different feel - bringing new customers through the door, increasing the frequency of visits and whilst keeping the 'WOW' factor.

Safety - Trampoline parks are classed as an extreme sport. As with any other sport there will always be injuries but it should be the operators responsibility to best ensure the safety of their customers. At present, trampoline parks are an unregulated market. Multiplay ensure best practice by the use the highest quality materials in manufacturing equipment and adhere to the strict ASTM International safety standards and regulations.

3D Modelling - after receiving floor plans and discussing the clients vision in detail, our design team will put together a 3D model. This helps to visualise what the final facility will look like and the client can make as many necessary changes needed before the production process begins. This service is free and part of the Multiplay process.

Specialist/Quality Installation - our specially trained engineers have been installing playgrounds and trampolines in Family Entertainment Centres for over 10 years. Our engineers job isn't complete until your centre is fully and safely set up, leaving you to concentrate on the business.

Flexibility - we understand each project and client has its own set of unique needs and problems which is why we are not stuck in a one size fits all approach. Each project is looked at on an individual basis and you can discuss with our consultants, designers and installers directly the best methodology used moving forward. Whether it's time constraints, a last minute change in plans or a different financing model - Multiplay can be flexible whilst maintaining quality and high standards.

Guaranteed - all equipment and work is guaranteed and comes with a standard 2 year warranty with the main structure coming with a 10 year warranty. Most of our equipment is built to last over 10 years for industrial purposes. However, there are some elements that may need replacing every so often. On installation, Multiplay will provide you with a maintenance guide, manual (daily, weekly and monthly) checklist and spare parts to ensure longevity and preservation of equipment.

All In-House Staff - no middlemen used. From our initial consultation to the designing and planning stage through to manufacturing, installing and maintenance - Multiplay do not outsource any work leaving our customers feeling understood throughout our whole process and able to speak to any of the team at any point - giving a consistent and smooth customer experience.

Full Support - Multiplay has been in the business of supplying and manufacturing equipment for FEC's and Trampoline Parks since 2005 working with a range of clients and centres across the globe. There's not much we don't understand about setting up and running a successful facility. Whether you need advice on location, safety training, marketing, pricing strategy or buying other necessary supplies - we are here to share our expertise and contacts to help make your facility a successful one.

Complete 360° Turnkey Service - Multiplay offers a full turn key service where you provide the vision and we deliver your trampoline centre. Feasibility studies, business planning and financials, finding the right property and planning permission, manufacturing and installing equipment, training staff and everything else in between. We can do it all.

We're Insured - as an operator you will have your own insurance to deal with any potential claims within your premise. However, you'll want to know that your equipment has been made and installed to the highest standard with no negligence. Multiplay has a product liability insurance of €3M from a global insurance company giving you peace of mind. By buying from us, they'll be no need to chase any claims, should the need arise from any counterpart Chinese or USA suppliers.

Trampoline park with battle beam and foam pit

Brincozone Trampoline Park (Murcia, Spain)
Installation includes Walk Wall, Slam Dunk Court, Gladiator Battle Beam, Trampolines and Stunt Boxes.

Mega Jump Trampoline Park

Mega Jump Trampoline Park (Coruna, Spain)
Installation includes Slam Dunk Court, Kids Jump Zone, Foam Pits and Stunt Platforms.

Brincozone Trampoline Park - Murcia, Spain

Brincozone Trampoline Park (Granada, Spain)
Refurbished trampoline installation compliments existing bowling facility.

Trampoline Park built by Multiplay

7 Fun Trampoline Park (Madrid, Spain)
Installation includes Dodge Ball Court, Slam Dunk Zone, Trampolines and Stunt Boxes.

Kids climb augmented climbing wall

Urban Jump Trampoline Park (Maurepas, France)
Installation includes Slam Dunk Zone, Dodge Ball Zone, Jump Tower, Trampolines and Stunt Boxes.

The Process

Initial consultation - Understanding your needs (requirements, budget and vision)

Bespoke Design and Planning - we work together bringing your ideas to life in a 3D model, helping you visualise the final facility

Manufacture - with using only the best quality materials the production process begins in our own factory

Installation - specialist trained engineers complete the set up of your Trampoline Park System, helping you understand the different aspects and components before handover

Maintenance - full warranty given with a maintenance package available and our support when you need it

Component Options

  •   Main Jump Arena
  •   Dodgeball Court
  •   Basketball Slam Dunk Zone
  •   Toddler Jump Area
  •   Walk Wall (Wall Running)
  •   Foam Pit
  •   AirBag
  •   Gladiator Battle Beam
  •   Slack line
  •   Jump Towers

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Did you know
A recent study found Trampoline Parks were losing up to 50% of potential revenue. Find out how Multiplay can extend your average customer's time in your facility, ensuring they spend more money per visit whilst increasing the frequency of their visitations.

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