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How much space is needed to open a trampoline park or FEC?

Space will ultimately depend on budget and the demand of the facilities in your chosen area. For a facility which includes trampolining, we recommend no less than 10,000sq f (930m2) but ideally 20,000 - 35000sq f (1900 - 32500m2). This will give your centre variety and a provide greater experience to your customers. Entertainment centres without trampolines e.g. soft play - can have a smaller area.

What is the minimum height for a trampoline park or FEC?

Not all buildings will have the same height throughout, however we suggest 5.5m as the minimum requirement for the activity based areas such as trampolining and climbing. Ninja warrior courses and soft play areas can have lower ceiling heights. Multiplay has a team of professionals that can design a facility based on the space you have. All we need is to look at the building plan for the premises.

What planning permission do I need for a trampoline park or FEC?

In UK, D2 planning will be a necessary requirement. One of the main problems with gaining planning permission may be the allocation of parking spaces, however, Multiplay can guide you through the planning process or handle it on your behalf.

What is the ratio of trampoline/other equipment space vs building area?

This will depend on the type of activities you want in your amusement centre. For a trampoline park, the equipment typically takes up between 40-60% of the total area. If you include other facilities then the activity area percentage area is increased

How much will my leisure facility cost to fit out?

The cost of setting up a trampoline park facility will vary depending on the elements you wish to provide. Multiplay can help build a financial plan and can work to a specific budget on your equipment requirements. Every area of a leisure facility is priced differently - main trampoline arena, pitted areas, basketball areas, ninja warrior course, soft-play structure, climbing walls etc.
Do get in touch for a more detailed and accurate figure based on the components in your leisure facility and for prices of other products not listed

When will I get to cash break even and how long before I get my investment back?

Nothing is guaranteed and this will depend on the demand for this type of centre in your chosen area. However, we have typically seen that cash break even can be achieved in the first or second month of your leisure facility being opened. Further more, it's possible to get your total initial investment back within the first year and highly likely between 12-18 months making Trampoline Parks and Family Entertainment Centres a very profitable business.

What is the lead time from ordering to installation?

Once the design and 3D modelling process has finished and we have agreed on the final layout, the manufacturing begins. From this point on until installation it will usually take 6-10 weeks. You'll notice a seamless process and smooth journey with us from beginning to end as all our staff are in-house. You are invited at any point to visit our factory and we can send pictures of the progress of your equipment being made.

Do you have any sample plans you can send me?

We have a wide range of 2D and 3D images as well as layouts that you can use use or help give you ideas. You can work jointly with our design team to come up with your ideal family or children entertainment centre based on the architectural plans you send in (or any plan with dimensions), culminating in a 2D CAD layout. If approved, we will then produce a 3D render of the park from a range of angles and shots that will aid in your marketing process to your customers.

Where is the factory that the components are made?

We manufacture ALL our products at Multiplay's own plant in Alicante, Spain. We invite anyone one down to visit our factory at anytime and meet with our staff in Spain.

Do you keep spare parts?

As experienced manufacturers and leisure industry experts, we understand the need to provide customers with extra spare parts. In addition, all our offices in Spain, UK and USA hold spare components that are the most frequently replaced (trampoline beds, springs, pvc etc), keeping your down time to a minimum. We are able to manufacture any spare parts given the specifications and dimensions.

What type of warranty do you provide?

Our products come with a standard 2 year warranty and a 7 year warranty on frame based products. With regular maintenance and care, your equipment should last 10 years+. Enquire about our maintenance packages.

Am I restricted to standard colours?

Multiplay are able to manufacture your elements in almost any colour to match your brand, style or preference.

What safety standards and construction standards do you work to?

Multiplay complies with the strictest and relevant European EN safety standards to your play equipment and can provide the certification. Currently, Trampoline Parks have no regulations for the design or construction from within the EU or a British Standard. However, there is an ASTM standard in USA (ASTM F2970) which we strictly adhere to as we manufacture to the USA customers and in most case we go above the minimum requirement. For your peace of mind, Multiplay has product liability insurance of €3M.

Can I visit a site where you have had an installation?

Of course. Please get in touch, providing us with the area you are from so we can direct you to the nearest entertainment facility.

Can I visit the factory before, during and after my order?

You can visit our factory in Alicante, Spain at any point. Feel free to get in touch so we can arrange a visit.

What operational support can Multiplay help with?

Multiplay have a staff base with a wealth of experience. As operator owners, we understand ALL operational aspects of the business enabling us to give you advice or help. We can even put you in touch with other industry suppliers or experts that we have found to be reliable over the years.

Do I need to pay for any consultations, design services or business advice?

All consultancy, design and business advice is free. We want to provide you with the best care, service and help to make both our businesses successful whilst cultivating a long term relationship.

What are your terms of payment?

Payment terms are as follows: 50% deposit to begin production, 40% in stage payments up until complete installation and final 10% after 1 month of installation at which point we transfer equipment rights to you. Additionally, we can put you in touch with an asset finance company we recommend and that covers our product range.

How much staff and to what qualification level is needed to run my facility?

This will depend on which type of facility you choose to run. In most cases there are no strict ratios of staff to visitors but building layout, your ideal customer service level and duty of care to your visitors will determine this. There are certificates and qualifications that some staff will need too. Please get in touch for more info.

Do you install your products to leisure facilities outside the UK?

Multiplay has been servicing FEC's, CCE's, Bowling Centres, Hotels and other leisure industry businesses for over 10 years on 5 continents. With offices across the world, there isn't a country we've turned down yet!

What other elements can you offer to our facility to aid in our success?

We can offer a full 360 degree turnkey solution for you and your centre or just the parts that you want help with - we can do as much or as little as you need. One research study showed that many facilities were missing out on up to 50% of potential income. Get in touch with us now so we can show you how to increase your customer's time in your facility, their spend in your centre and your profitability.

Can you maintain already built Trampoline Parks and other equipment?

We can maintain and provide spare parts for any already existing facility. As a manufacturer and with an experienced workforce, we understand and have seen most equipment in the industry to date and know best how to service it for longevity.

Do you provide any financing terms for your products and services?

We do not provide finance for equipment, however, we can put you in touch with a finance house that can assist you with asset finance for our full range of products helping you spread the cost over the years.

What type of insurance do I need to open my business?

Insurance can depend on the type of facility your looking to open. We give you advice and put you in touch with specialist insurance companies that cover your sector.

Why should I choose Multiplay to equip my entertainment facility?

Multiplay have been in the leisure industry white-labelling, designing, manufacturing, installing, maintaining and owner-operating facilities for many years. We've worked with a string of high profile repeat clients across the globe due to our high quality products, efficiency and reliable service. All our staff are in-house giving you a seamless process. Our safety record is second to none, only producing equipment to the strictest of safety guidelines and beyond. With offices around the world, we are in touch with the latest trends and innovations showing you how to keep clients coming back to your facility. We strive to build a long term relationship by sharing our knowledge and expertise ensuring both our businesses are a success.

Do you offer a turnkey solution and do you offer a franchise?

We offer a full 360 degree turnkey solution or just the aspects you require. Having worked with and supplied successful FEC's around the world, Multiplay will be providing a global franchise.

I'm keen to develop a project with Multiplay, what are my next steps?

Get in contact with us now by either: email on, calling this number 01252 933 839 or filling in the contact form here

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