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It has been predicted, by many in the leisure industry, that indoor climbing will soon overtake outdoor rock climbing in terms of popularity. Some of the obvious advantages are that participants are able to climb all year round (regardless of weather conditions), and indoor climbing walls provide a safer climbing environment than outdoor crags. Indoor climbing facilities are also able to provide a wide range of climbing activities, such as roped climbing challenges and bouldering within a single location.

Climbing activities are a recognised way to help develop self confidence, trust, motivation and increase fitness levels. Furthermore, there's no need to climb alone - group climbing activities are a great way to promote team building, or to simply provide a fun-filled experience for family, friends and colleagues. Birthday parties provide an ideal opportunity for groups to climb together and enjoy a tailor-made party experience.

As well as the themed and traverse climbing walls that we manufacture, Multiplay supply a vast array of modular climbing walls, as well as advanced climbing and bouldering walls. We're also continually seeking to bring new and innovative products to our clients and this is reflected in our range of interactive climbing wall products. Whether your facility is solely focused on climbing, or a combination of activities (e.g. trampoline park and climbing walls), we'll supply everything you need, from equipment to training and operational support.

Multiplay can supply your facility with:

  •   Modular & Themed Climbing Walls
  •   Bouldering Walls
  •   Roped Climbing Walls
  •   Traverse Walls
  •   Interactive Climbing Walls
  •   Safety Equipment: Auto-Belays, Safety Helmets
  •   Staff Training and Operation Support
  •   Equipment Maintenance
  •   Booking & POS Software


Choose from a range of 25+ striking designs and unique climbing challenges that provide both an exhilarating experience and a full body workout for both children and adults. The modular system design allows installation of these walls in almost any leisure facility. Individual climbing challenges have been designed and built to meet European Standards for Artificial Climbing Structures EN12572 and playground standards.


Multiplay supply all types of roped climbing walls to fit any space. Whatever your budget, we'll deliver climbing challenges that are certain to keep visitors coming (and returning) to your facility. In order to offer our clients the best possible products, we've partnered with one of the UK's leading climbing wall manufacturers.

Climbing walls can be designed with a number of different features, from gentle slabs, to steep vertical walls and overhangs. Clients have the choice of standard designs or bespoke options which can include logos and theming. As with all other climbing walls in our product range, roped walls are built to the European Standard for Artificial Climbing Structures (EN 12572).


Since bouldering walls are low-level constructions, there's no need for personal safety equipment (such as harnesses or auto-belays). Climbers are protected from injury by specialist safety matting situated below the climbing surface. No ropes are used as climbers challenge themselves with routes and problems designed to suit the range of abilities of your visitors. Bouldering is now recognised as a sport in its own right and this will no doubt continue to act as a driver for the increase in popularity of bouldering. Built to suit any space, bouldering walls can be a great addition to your leisure facility.


Multiplay design and manufacture low-height traverse climbing walls which can be themed to match your facility. We also offer a range of distributed products built by one of the UK's leading climbing wall manufacturers. As in the case of bouldering walls, traverse walls can be climbed without the use of personal safety equipment. These climbing walls are particularly suited to children and climbers with little to no climbing experience.


One of the latest developments in the industry is the emergence of interactive climbing walls. We offer a range of interacive games and climbing problems for both adults and kids alike. Competing against others or even climbing against yourself, interactive products are sure to provide endless hours of fun. If you're looking for something new and innovative for facility, give us a call - we'll be happy to advise you.

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Trusted Supplier - Multiplay is recognised globally as a reliable leading FEC and Trampoline Park manufacturer and supplier.

Price - We offer great prices compared to other European and USA manufacturers without compromising on quality or service.

Safety/Quality - Multiplay ensure best practice by ensuring that the highest quality materials are used in the products that we manufacture and supply. All walls conform to European Standard for Artificial Climbing Structures (EN 12572)

3D Modelling - Our design team produce excellent 3D models to help you visualise your facility. 3D plans are revised until the client is completely satisfied.

Flexibility - Whether it's time delays, last minute design changes, or changes to the financing model, Multiplay can be flexible without compromising quality and high standards.

Guaranteed - We provide comprehensive warranties on all climbing walls and related climbing products.

We're Insured - Multiplay (and our delivery partners) have extensive product liability insurance from a global insurance company, giving you peace of mind.

Complete 360° Turnkey Service - Multiplay offers a full turn key service, where you provide the vision and we'll deliver your climbing wall centre. We can do it all! See here for more details.

Modular climbing walls

Modular Climbing Walls
Choose from a wide range of walls to suit any leisure facility.

Modular climbing walls and seating area

Modular Climbing Walls
Stunning designs and great climbing challenges.

Man on climbing wall

Climbing & Bouldering Walls
Climbing Walls designed and built to suit any space.

Jungle themed traverse climbing wall

Traverse Climbing Walls
Standard or custom themes. Ideal for kids and novice climbers.

Boy climbs interactive climbing wall

Interactive Climbing Walls
Games and challenges for all ages and abilities.

The Process

Initial consultation - Understanding your needs (space, equipment, budget and vision)

Bespoke Design and Planning - we work together to develop your ideas. We'll create and revise a 3D model, helping you visualise the final facility

Manufacture - choice of Multiplay climbing walls or a range distributed products

Installation - specialist trained engineers complete the set up of your climbing wall equipment, helping you understand the different aspects and components before handover

Maintenance - full warranty given with a maintenance package available and our support when you need it

Component Options

  •   Top-Rope Walls
  •   Lead Climbing Walls
  •   Traverse Walls
  •   Bouldering Walls
  •   Kids Climbing Walls
  •   Climbing Race Walls
  •   Bespoke Walls
  •   Interactive Climbing Walls
  •   Leap of Faith
  •   Giant's Staircase

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Did You Know?

Kids on artificial climbing walls
Climbing develops mental toughness & agility. Sometimes called 'vertical chess', rock climbing involves planning ahead, problem solving and courage. Research done at Texas A&M University found that climbing can improve self-confidence, reduce stress and encourage positive thinking.

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