About Multiplay Activities

Multiplay UK is the latest office to be set up after the success of the Multiplay brand in Spain and the Americas. Strategically located for the UK market and the rest of Europe, Multiplay consults, designs, manufactures and installs a range of activity based equipment for Family Entertainment Centres (FEC), Children Entertainment Centres (CEC's), Trampoline Parks as well as other businesses across the globe.

We offer a complete entertainment solution from start to finish of complex projects, consultation, provide one off services and products, modifications/upgrades to pre-existing equipment and maintenance.

The Multiplay team has a wealth of experience in the leisure industry, and we have been serving the entertainment business for many years, working alongside high profile clients around the world. Multiplay routinely designs and installs equipment across 5 continents. We are able to dispatch our installation teams to work efficiently and effectively to almost any country worldwide.

At Multiplay, we understand every aspect of this business from the ground up as we do not just consult, design, supply, install and maintain equipment but are also owner operators of our own facilities. We know the necessity to be on trend and up-to-date with the latest innovative designs and products. As a manufacturer with worldwide offices and a global team, Multiplay continues to maintain its lead position and competitive advantage at the forefront of the leisure and entertainment industry. Find futher details of our trampoline park equipment and other products and services on our main page.

With over 10 years of a successful operating history and 100s of installations worldwide - Multiplay is a global brand you can trust to deliver.

Our Team

Multiplay employs a team of in-house professionals that can be available at your disposal which includes:

  •   Business Consultants and Advisors
  •   Engineer Technicians
  •   Designers and Architects
  •   Joiners and Carpenters
  •   Upholsterers, Seamstresses and Tailors
  •   Metal Workers
  •   Painters
  •   Installation and Assembly Teams
  •   Administrative Staff
  •   Expert Maintenance and After-Sales Service Staff

Multiplay is proud to only use in-house staff that have been trained to our high company standards ensuring our clients receive only the best quality products and service. Our highly dedicated and qualified team of over 40 full-time staff in both Europe and the US will endeavour to make your business a success.


With 100s of installations on 5 continents, here are just some of the sectors and clients we have worked with:

  •   FEC's, CEC's and TP's inc Flip Out, MegaJump, Terramitica plus more
  •   Restaurant and Fast Food Chains inc McDonalds, Burger King, Telepizza
  •   Decathlon (Major European Sporting Goods Chain)
  •   Ikea
  •   Hotels throughout Europe and the Caribbean
  •   Airports inc Madrid Main Airport (Barajas), Tenerife, Portugal and more
  •   Major “Supermarket” chains inc Auchan, Carrefour plus others
  •   Shopping Malls
  •   Private schools
  •   Local Councils and Municipalities

Multiplay white labels equipment and products for other high profile companies and franchises in Europe and other parts the world. Additionally, we have worked with private clients who have wanted a bespoke playroom or adventure playground for the home their children live in.


Multiplay offers a full solution package including Design and Branding Services at NO additional cost for your facility. We can offer FREE services for:

  •   Engineering collaboration and supervision
  •   3D modelling and design for optimal space allocation
  •   Business Planning and Guidance
  •   FEC Business Strategy – including rebranding, relaunching, social media advice and strengthening current business strategies
  •   Financing options – including attractive equipment leasing offers
  •   Business model review and advisory service specialising in Amusement Parks, Leisure Facilities and Hotels & Resorts
  •   Other consultancy services

A large percentage of our customers are repeat clients. Our aim is to develop a longstanding relationship with you by providing excellent levels of educated service and by adding value. We know that even after your purchase, after sales and maintenance is important too. Feel free to contact us now for further information. One of our operators will be more than happy to assist you and guide you to the right department.


As a manufacturer Multiplay is able to supply and distribute a complete assortment of replacement parts and components for your facility. Even if you've purchased the equipment from another supplier, we can manufacturer parts you need if given the correct dimensions, materials etc. We also offer a regular maintenance service to keep your equipment in top, safe operating condition, ensuring the well-being and safety to those who use it whilst prolonging its longevity. Below is just some of the components we regularly carry in stock.

  •   Tuffskin Foam - Pipe covers and padding
  •   Range of springs for trampoline beds
  •   Flooring for indoor and outdoor playgrounds
  •   Tatami flooring
  •   Netting (nylon and polyethylene); Duramesh Netting
  •   Kee Klamp connectors (Fasteners)
  •   Climbing volcano mats
  •   Plastic components
  •   Baby parks and Toddler play areas
  •   Ramps and platforms
  •   Pedal karts
  •   Theming & Decoration
  •   Fibre slides
  •   Soft Play Games
  •   Ballistic balls (foam balls)
  •   Soccer/Tennis/Snooker tables
  •   Custom made games
  •   Zip Ties and Cable Ties
  •   Swingsets and Slides

Plus much more...

If you do not see an item here that you need then please contact us as chances are we will be able to make it. Multiplay have teams of installers and maintenance guys ready to be dispatched wherever you are. Feel free to enquire about repairs, replacements, maintenance or any other questions you may have - we are here to help.

Multiplay factory and installation team

Multiplay Factory - Alicante, Spain

Multiplay factory and installation team

Multiplay Staff - Steel Worker

Multiplay factory and installation team

Multiplay Staff - Painter

Multiplay factory and installation team

Multiplay Installation Team - Loading playground prior to delivery

Multiplay client logos

Expert business development advice for
Children's & Family Entertainment Centres

What We Do

  • Playground FEC Design & Development

    We can help you choose both the right type of play attraction and the right site to ensure that it meets your specific business needs. Whether off-the-shelf or custom designed products, we'll do the design and theming of your facility. Expert 2D/3D CAD designs and seamless manufacturing process - contact us today.

  • Family Entertainment Center Business Plan Development

    Our customers include theme parks, night clubs, restaurants, game centers, corporate headquarters, museums, community centres, retail stores and many other commercial businesses. These are just a few of the organizations that have benefiting from our products and services. We'll plan your business!

  • FEC Location Planning

    Any location with families and waiting time is a prime candidate for a Multiplay safe and imaginative play area. From exciting wall murals to fully featured play structures, our theming experts can design a tailor-made environment that meets your customer's needs and suits your budget.

  • Playground / FEC Financing

    Our design team can produce a custom and theme playground for your venture to fit any footprint and any budget. We can also advise you on how to secure finance and in some instances we can even arrange the finance on your behalf. If you're planning to set up a trampoline park, playground, skating rink, or buy climbing walls for an FEC/CEC, call Multiplay today.

Providing a unique perspective
on FEC creation and management